Because We Never Talk About It

Luke Wesley debuted in 2010 with Because We Never Talk About It, a strong piano-driven rock/pop album produced by Casey Shea and Peter Block at Engine Room Recordings and mastered by Mark Christensen (50 Cent, Langhorne Slim, Raekwon). It’s a great piano driven rock/pop album recorded in Brooklyn, and features the incredible talents of Chris Anderson on bass, Dave Burnett on drums, and Jeff Jacobson on guitar.

With humorous song titles like Hope You Like This Song and Sorry I’m Not Hotter, he doesn’t quite have the personality you’d expect from the genre. There aren’t many other self-taught pianists in the field, and we’re pretty sure he’s the only one to have fallen off of a six story building and walked away with hardly a scratch. But in spite of this unconventional background, Luke Wesley brings to the table some of the catchiest, most polished piano rock the genre has seen in a long time. Wesley’s goals on Because We Never Talk About It are modest. “All we are trying to do with the album is make a really solid pop album that isn’t super-overproduced and remains true to the live shows,” he says. At its heart, this album is simply a very well constructed pop album.

Because We Never Talk About It is an infectious pop rock record, plain and simple. Wesley knows how to draw the listener in with catchy piano beats and witty lyrics.” – Bill Sullivan, The Rock and Roll Report

“In 38 short minutes, he bears his soul and the end results are nothing short of stunning.” – Gregory Robson,

“The production and arrangements are uncluttered, creating faithful reproductions of the singer’s popular solo gigs on New York’s Lower East Side. Altogether, this debut album announces the arrival of a competent and occasionally inspired singer/songwriter.” – Paula Carino, Allmusic

“Luke displays his razor sharp wit alongside his perfectly crafted pop.” – Atlas and the Anchor

“His piano chops, tuneful voice and heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics are so refreshing.” – Greg, resident media pundit