Who Are We Kidding?

On his sophomore effort, Luke set out with producer Chris Cubeta to take his music in a matured direction. What they created is a collection of songs that groove and flow like Wesley’s first record, but with a more concise lyrical style coupled with giant synth sounds.

The bulk of this second album was written just before and during recording on a much more accelerated timeline than used previously. Says Luke: “This album was made in a year, from the time I started writing the songs to the time we finished mastering. It was a lot quicker than I had ever done before. The challenge of coming up with 25 songs in a handful of months and then working with those songs to come up with something that you can pare down and be really proud of…it’s gratifying.”

But Luke recognizes that this album was a collaborative effort, “I wrote these songs and then brought them to my regular band (Dave Burnett & Mike Tuccillo). We worked for a few days on tightening up arrangements and figuring out how we wanted to make the songs work, and then we went into the studio with Cubeta. At that point it was a lot of Chris and I going back and forth in the control room as we developed the album you hear now.

“I wanted to make a group of songs that went together stylistically and conceptually, but I get bored easily sometimes so I also wanted the album to have a diversity in its influences.” Luke said about the album, “I think that Chris and I achieved that.”